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BlueStarGPS Offers GPS & GNSS

Powered by ProStar patented technology, BlueStarGPS offers precision GPS & GNSS receivers designed specifically for the utility and pipeline industry. BlueStarGPS is a leading edge GPS & GNSS solution with advanced performance capable of delivering sub-meter and centimeter accuracy in realtime without post processing. Our receivers offer seamless Bluetooth integration and long battery life providing connectivity with modern mobile devices used in the field. BlueStarGPS has been developed to allow complete autonomy providing infinite possibilities and solutions for precision data collection in any environment, including the most demanding and rugged conditions.

BlueStarGPS is a provider of light weight, durable and low cost precision GPS & GNSS receivers designed to serve the utility and pipeline industries. BlueStarGPS is designed to significantly improve the accuracy, content and effectiveness of data location practices. BlueStarGPS enhances all aspects of current utility and pipeline asset management and damage prevention practices. BlueStarGPS provides real-time, sub-meter precision with no post processing to streamline the data lifecycle and improve the delivery, visualization and quality of location data. BlueStarGPS delivers immediate and substantial value to stakeholders engaged in any phase of the asset management lifecycle including, planning, design, engineering, construction, and damage prevention.

BlueStarGPS is specifically designed to meet the business requirements of the utility and pipeline industry. With its revolutionary technology, the BlueStarGPS is the first mapping grade receiver to achieve submeter accuracy in realtime without post-processing. The BlueStarGPS receiver uses SBAS signals to full potential and as the only needed source of differential correction for precise mapping applications. When extreme working conditions dictate that GPS is not enough, BlueStarGPS offers GLONASS for up to 24 additional satellites.

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The BlueStarGPS takes 'real-time and precision' to an entirely different level. With its unique accurate code phase measurements and leading edge multipath mitigation, BlueStarGPS delivers sub-60 cm with unprecedented 2dRMS/95% confidence positioning as well as superior tracking performance, real-time positioning and no post-processing. That means that BlueStarGPS delivers the performance and precision you need without any delays so you can maximize productivity and be confident in the data captured.

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The BlueStarGPS receiver provides unprecedented flexibility, complete with Bluetooth â„¢ technology allowing the user to build field mapping solutions around specific business rules and offers the freedom to choose their own mobile solutions and even locating devices. The built in Bluetoothâ„¢ capabilities provide interoperability between the BlueStarGPS and other devices with a connectivity range of up to 1KM. BlueStarGPS provides business partnerships with several major manufactures of rugged mobile devices and cable & pipe locating tools.

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