The Company

BlueStarGPS is a provider of light weight, durable and low cost precision GPS & GNSS receivers designed to serve the utility and pipeline industries. BlueStarGPS is designed to significantly improve the accuracy, content and effectiveness of data location practices. BlueStarGPS enhances all aspects of current utility and pipeline asset management and damage prevention practices. BlueStarGPS provides real-time, sub-meter precision with no post processing to streamline the data lifecycle and improve the delivery, visualization and quality of location data. BlueStarGPS delivers immediate and substantial value to stakeholders engaged in any phase of the asset management lifecycle including, planning, design, engineering, construction, and damage prevention.

Our GPS & Mobile Solutions

The applications for location service technologies in the utility, pipeline and construction industry are many, including data collection, planning & design, inventory, equipment monitoring, asset management and damage prevention practices. BlueStarGPS solutions are Bluetooth enabled and designed to enhance current asset management and damage prevention practices by enabling interoperability with any major Mobile device running Android OS. Real-time connectivity and visualization of precision location data is achieved by combining BlueStarGPS with ProStar's proprietary processes with state-of-the-art GPS, Cloud and Mobile solutions.

A real challenge facing other geospatial systems is the age old adage of "garbage in, garbage out". In other words, in order for anyone to make business decisions based on location data, they must be able to trust the data quality, source and accuracy being provided. BlueStarGPS combined with ProStar's precision data processes using patented data collection, system integration and data management services are designed to improve and maintain the data integrity and quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the data from its point of capture to storage and retrieval. BlueStarGPS can provide the user with the ability to validate and qualify the data using ProStar patented precision & pedigree™ processes.

Our Stand-Alone Receiver is Better Than the Competition

The BlueStarGPS receiver with Bluetooth means users are now freed from the constraints and costs of all in one GPS systems. For the first time, users can build their own GPS data collection system based on their specific needs, business requirements and budget. Our flexible modular GPS allows you to adapt to rapidly changing technologies. Computing technology, including data management systems, GIS as well as desktop and mobile devices, evolve rapidly. On the processor side, modern Mobile devices now offer gigabytes of memory instead of just megabytes. These rapid changes often result in new software no longer supporting older operating systems and users can be stuck with obsolete technologies and tens of thousands of dollars invested. With BlueStarGPS modular design, proprietary all-in-one field data collection systems and post-processing are now obsolete.

All In One Solution Just Isn't Your Cup of Tea?

Using Bluetooth technology, the BlueStarGPS with built in DGPS provides processes GPS data directly to the BlueStarGPS data collection software that is designed to operate on any smart phone or tablet running Android™. Our stand alone GPS module is enabled by PointMan software enabled by Android OS which allows our clients to easily enhance field data collection operations without substantial change or investment in current hardware. Easy integration and interoperability with modern mobile devices and tablets means that sub-meter requirements can now easily be realized in order to meet precision data quality levels. When close enough is no longer good enough, BlueStarGPS streamlines processes that improve all of the metrics that are key to capturing and maintaining data integrity throughout the entire asset life cycle. The bottom line is that BlueStar provides a GPS solution that is easier, faster and more cost effective that any other product on the market.