The Pointman® Application

The Pointman® Application for the utility, pipeline and construction industry includes data collection and cable & pipe locating. PointMan is designed to enhance current asset management and damage prevention practices by enabling interoperability with any major Mobile device running Android OS.

BlueStarGPS Specials

PointMan with BlueStarGPS Receivers for Any Level of Accuracy

Organizations have unique requirements when it comes to accuracy levels (from cm-5m) and operating environments (from dense forest canopy to narrow urban corridors). Some organization's needs are met with the on-board GPS of their employee's mobile devices. Others need real-time centimeter accuracy from a GPS receiver seamlessly connected via Bluetooth to their mobile phones and tablets. Many organizations could save thousands of dollars by leveraging mobile devices to meet their accuracy needs, instead of spending their budgets on overpriced proprietary GPS hand-helds.

PointMan 'How to' Videos